What is it like to study in a Finnish University of Applied Sciences? What are the Bachelor's and Master's degrees like in practice? See the videos and read the stories to get to know the students' perspective.


Marine Technology/ Maritime Management (Master's): Novia UAS

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International Business students' experiences (Bachelor's): JAMK UAS

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Studying in Joensuu: International Business (Bachelor's) Karelia UAS

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Natural Resources Management (Master's, online studies): Novia UAS

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Graduate story: Purchasing and Logistics Engineering (Bachelor's) JAMK UAS

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Alumni experience: International Business (Bachelor's) Karelia UAS

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Hungarian students' experiences from Lapland UAS

(In Hungarian with English subtitles)

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Tang Tian, China

Tourism, Lapland University of Applied Sciences

Tang Tian_FINNIPS student stories

 "Three years ago, I convinced my parents to allow me the opportunity to study abroad in the official hometown of Santa Claus! With a strong desire to learn about different cultures in a famous tourism city, my plan was to enrol at the Tourism degree programme offered by Lapland University of Applied Sciences. The years in a multinational environment made me grow and improve rapidly. More importantly, the Finnish model of education taught me to construct and share my own ideas through project and training opportunities.

One example of this occurred during my advanced training period as a receptionist with a destination management company, which always exceeded their legal obligations to manage their environmental impact. I was greatly impressed with their practices to reduce energy consumption, provide job opportunities to local people, offer high quality products to customers, increase job satisfaction amongst their employees and sponsor local associations. Yet, there was a problem within this small business. Their operations were fragmented and did not integrate into the company’s culture and policies.

At that time, I began preparations for my bachelor’s thesis and I was wondering if this could become my thesis topic. Fortunately, after discussions with the managers, I chose integration of corporate social responsibility (CSR) into small-sized tourism company strategies for my thesis topic, and they agreed that they could provide me an environment to conduct my thesis project research. Therefore, I finally got a chance to independently finish a project with a real company under supervision of my two thesis supervisors. Later on, I had my thesis presentation, which was successful and unforgettable. After the presentation, my supervisor said I had improved a lot during these three and a half years and she still remembers that in the first year, I was a student who was always afraid of expressing my own ideas.

In one week, I will leave Rovaniemi and go back to China. After half-a-year gap, I will continue towards my Master’s degree next September in another country. However, I will never forget Lapland University of Applied Sciences, the MTI campus, all teachers and my classmates. The decision of getting the Tourism degree at Lapin UAS is one of the best choices I have ever made."


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