Do you want to learn more about Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) and ask questions about the studies and life in Finland? Check our information channels and events to stay up to date on the latest information and news!

Study Fairs and Webinars

FINNIPS participates in several education fairs around the world/ virtually every year. We also attend and host webinars to share information on Finnish UASs. Come and join the events to to hear more about your study options in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences. 

Upcoming virtual fairs


Fabulous Finland social media event

  • FINNIPS organises annually a social media event entitled "Fabulous Finland". During the day, students and staff members of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) post photos and messages about studying and living in Finland! The event will be arranged on 7 January 2021. Follow the social media feed at the FINNIPS website (visible at the bottom of the 'Home' and 'Student Stories' sections) to get more information about Finnish UASs and generally about studying in Finland!


#FINNIPS Featuring

What is this? #FINNIPS Featuring campaign provides you with important information and interesting insights on the network’s Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) and their degree programmes. Different UASs will, one by one, take over the FINNIPS Facebook page for one week at a time. During the week you will get to know more about the cities and current activities at the UASs and gain ideas about what the studying is like in Finland! The campaign runs on Facebook every now and then so keep an eye on the hashtag #finnipsfeaturing. Check more information on our Facebook page!


Further information

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